For 20 years, Frank and Ava Martin* dedicated their lives to helping others overcome addiction, as drug and alcohol counselors. The Martins selected Nathan Adelson Hospice for Frank, an Air Force veteran, after his health began to decline. Part of the reason they chose NAH was because Frank’s best friend, also a veteran, raved about the constant support and positive experience his care team provided.

The Martins soon found themselves needing that support more than ever before. Ava is battling breast cancer for the second time. She spends countless hours at treatment and doctor’s appointments. “Without the full support we receive from our care team, I don’t know how I would be able to take care of Frank and myself. It’s all too much; we don’t have the time or energy anymore. We are so grateful for every minute they spend with us,” said Ava.

In addition to health problems, the Martins live on fixed retirement incomes. Due to the high cost of both Frank and Ava’s medical needs, they were already struggling to make ends meet. During these difficult times, they have had to rely on their daughter, Nancy, for extra financial support.

The pandemic made the situation worse. As the COVID-19 lockdown shuttered businesses, Nancy lost her casino job. As with thousands of other people, she had difficulties getting her unemployment benefits. She could barely pay bills and purchase groceries for her own family, let alone for her elderly parents. Luckily, the Nathan Adelson Hospice social worker was there to help.

The social worker began identifying resources and assistance for not only Frank and Ava, but for Nancy, too. Immediately, the NAH social worker helped navigate the extremely challenging unemployment claim system. Getting Nancy some of her lost income back allowed her to provide for her parents and her family. Food security was also an issue, so the social worker enlisted them in the Carole Fisher Meal Delivery Program. The NAH Foundation and our Families in Need Program were able to pay the Martin’s May rent.

Frank expressed his gratitude to the care team for their support. His worries about Ava’s health and Nancy’s ability to provide for her family during the pandemic were lessened. “Without knowing that Nathan Adelson Hospice is here to support my family after I have passed, I don’t think I could truly find peace,” says Frank. It is our honor to serve a family that has dedicated their entire career to serving others. 


*All names changed to protect privacy