Cassandra started with Nathan Adelson Hospice as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) almost 30 years ago. Although she had no personal experience with hospice services, she saw firsthand the care and compassion given to the patient and families. She took great pride in that care and wanted to tell everyone about Nathan Adelson Hospice. At the time, she wasn’t able to contribute financially but she knew that by working hard and representing the Hospice well, she was indeed giving back to the organization.

In the early years with Nathan Adelson Hospice, Cassandra saw how the patients and families shared their skills, love and friendship with her. She learned how to knit from a patient, how to make dolls from another and was taught a family recipe from the daughter of a patient.

Many years later, Cassandra personally witnessed the strength and beauty of hospice when her sister became a patient of Nathan Adelson Hospice. There were no words to express the gratitude she felt for the team members that lovingly cared for her sister. The warmth and love Cassandra saw the team give her sister helped inspire her to be a monthly donor.

In Cassandra’s own words: “My mother always gave back to her community, and I want to impart that value to my grandchildren. I can’t give much but I want to show them that giving a little can make a big difference.”

Cassandra knows the difference that a little bit of kindness can make for another person. You see, she recently earned her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy while continuing to work each day at Nathan Adelson Hospice as the Community Outreach Manager. Both as part of her practicum hours, and as part of her “day job,” she gives a listening ear to every person needing it.

If you would like to share your story, please contact Cassondra Farris at (702) 796-3141 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.