For the first time ever, the Las Vegas Strip is closed. Hundreds of thousands of Nevadans are out of work with no guarantee of the economy improving in the coming year. The supplies keeping healthcare workers safe are backlogged and more expensive to purchase and ship. Loved ones are dying, and their families are unable to travel to share a few last precious memories as the COVID-19 outbreak forces more restrictions. 

This crisis is taking an increased toll on marginalized groups who were struggling before this pandemic began. We are already seeing the difficulty caused by COVID-19 with our most vulnerable patients. Isolation and loneliness are becoming greater health dangers as well. 

Moreover, our patients are not the only group affected by COVID-19. Nathan Adelson Hospice front-line staff are working diligently to keep their patients safe, and themselves as well. We are committed to making sure our brave healthcare workers remain supported with everything they need – from personal protective equipment to a listening ear at the end of a long shift. Yet, healthcare workers in hospitals and clinics are receiving top priority for limited supplies, while hospice and home care services like Nathan Adelson Hospice are further down the priority list.

This is all unprecedented, and your contribution will make a difference. This special gift request today will help us meet these emergency needs. All gifts received by April 30th up to $100,000 will be MATCHED by another donor! 

Patients and their families who urgently need meal deliveries, disinfection supplies, and help with household utilities

The unprecedented demand on medical supplies (masks, gloves, gowns, etc.) to keep our staff and patients safe 

The cost of additional technology, and time-intensive practices dictated by social distancing policy

Meeting the unexpected budget demands of this pandemic, which no one could have projected

Preparing for the inevitable number of patients who will require strict quarantine measures and additional equipment