The Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation was established in 1984 with the purpose of serving as the fundraising arm for Nathan Adelson Hospice.

As Southern Nevada's only non-profit hospice program, the Foundation relies on the support and generosity of individuals and corporate partners. These gifts ensure that quality and compassionate care are always available to our patients reagardless of their access to insurance or ability to pay. 

Beyond the scope of hospice care several other special programs and services are made possible through the funding that the Foundation recieves. Your donation can also be made to support the following:

  • Uncompensated Care
  • Elaine Wynn Palliative Care Program
  • Fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Care Program
  • Camp Erin
  • Bonnie Schreck Memorial Complementary Therapies Program
  • Bereavement and Spiritual Care Support Program

Donation to the Nathan Adelson Hospice can be made in the form of commemorative gifts, outright donations, planned gifts, event participation and in-kind donations. Volunteering to support any of our fundraising special events is also welcomed. For more information about Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation, please call (702) 938-3910.