Nevadans are currently facing the highest unemployment rate in the country and the worst in state history. Thousands of people are out of work, with no clear sign of when or whether their jobs are coming back.

Many laid-off workers experience long wait times for financial aid. Some must wait in long lines to receive basic necessities for their families. Now, more than ever, our patients and their families need your support. 

The Families in Need Program at Nathan Adelson Hospice provides financial assistance and basic goods to those patients and families struggling with advanced illness. Your donation is critical at times like these! Your help allows us to respond immediately and with flexibility. The Program assists patients living on a fixed income, homebound patients living in isolation, and their caretakers who are overwhelmed by worries for a terminally-ill loved one.

As this financial crisis continues to unfold, the needs of our patients will grow. Last year, the Families in Need Program doubled from the prior year. With your help, we provided $106,000 in services to patients and families. This year alone, more than $35,000 has been provided. Our event which helps support this program may not be practical given the social distancing requirement. 

Your ongoing support will help provide the resources we need to protect our most vulnerable, allowing them to end their journey of life with dignity and respect.

We hope you'll donate below.

Thank you!