Emeritus (1923-2014) Mr. Benedict was one of the founders of Nathan Adelson Hospice. He moved to Las Vegas in 1952 and obtained his first hotel job at the Last Frontier. He later left the Last Frontier to open the Stardust, and then finally headed resort operations for Howard Hughes. When Hughes sold the Desert Inn and his other resorts, Benedict joined the team that built the original MGM.  


Mr. Benedict was the first Chairman of the Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation. He was an incredible philanthropist to the Hospice until his last days. In addition to Nathan Adelson Hospice, he was a lifetime member of the Variety Club, and an animal rights activist, donating anonymously to numerous animal shelters and organizations. 


If not for the sheer determination of people like Alvin Benedict, Nathan Adelson Hospice would not have been successful in providing dignified and compassionate care to so many in the Southern Nevada community.