Alan Molasky was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past three decades he has been actively involved in a wide range of real estate development in Las Vegas and California ranging from warehouse distribution facilities to single family, multi-family and ultra high-end condominiums and specializing in Design. 

In conjunction with his father, Irwin Molasky, Mr. Molasky has been directly involved and responsible for many of the real estate projects developed and owned by the family development company, The Molasky Group of Companies. Molasky has managed Pacific Properties and Development Corporation, Pacific Homes, Ovation Property Management and Winterwood Land Development Corp. 

Under his stewardship, these companies have been responsible for more than 3,000 single-family homes, 5,000 apartment units, as well as the development of the award-winning Pacific Industrial Park and the Best in the West power center. 

As a Las Vegas native, Molasky is very active in the community and donates regularly to several local organizations and non profits. He attended colleges in California and Vermont.