We see the Nathan Adelson Hospice clinical staff go beyond the call of duty so often, yet to them, it feels like just another day. We applaud that attitude and wanted to share a story from last week.


Imagine being one of the most vulnerable, at-risk groups during this global crisis. Even going to the grocery store can put your health in jeopardy. While memes fly around the internet about the toilet paper shortage, meals and basic supplies to you are no laughing matter.

On Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., as most people are shutting down for the day, one of our business development reps received a panicked phone call from one of the practice managers at a local hospital. She said “I need your help, but it’s not for a hospice patient. One of our patients at the clinic needs an ostomy bag. We can’t find any in town. He was making do with his last one, but it’s broken open. Does Nathan Adelson Hospice have any that you can spare to get through the weekend?” 


The BD rep called her manager; they got in touch with the IPU manager and then the charge nurse. The charge nurse kind and helpful. She even volunteered to call the practice manager directly to see how we could help the patient. 


The next day, the IPU manager provided an update. The charge nurse was able to find two bags to tide him over. She spoke to the patient who needed it and he was okay with that. The charge nurse added, “He sounded so distressed. I’m glad we were able to help him.”


Since then we have spoken to the practice manager. She was incredibly grateful for the support and availability of the entire NAH family for being there for our community, even when the patient was not a hospice patient.


We applaud this incredible teamwork and effort to support a member of our community and are always happy to strengthen our relationships with our community partners.