Irwin Molasky (1927 - 2020)

Founder, Nathan Adelson Hospice

Nathan Adelson Hospice, Southern Nevada’s oldest, largest, and only non-profit hospice, is saddened by the passing of its founder, Irwin Molasky. Molasky died July 4th, 2020, while on service at the hospice he founded. Molasky was a philanthropist, real estate developer, and a Las Vegas icon. Most of all, he was a friend to the entire Nathan Adelson Hospice family. 

“Irwin was a true visionary and a pioneer,” said Nathan Adelson Hospice President and CEO Karen Rubel. “His compassion for people led the way in all he did in life. He always encouraged us to do what’s right, to take care of people and put them first. We will continue to honor that as we uphold his legacy.” 

Molasky founded the hospice in 1978, after the painful death of his friend and mentor, Nathan Adelson. Molasky wanted to ensure no one else would end the journey of life alone, afraid, or in pain. Thanks to his vision, Nathan Adelson Hospice has cared for over 75,000 patients and their families in Southern Nevada to date.

Molasky leaves a lasting legacy in the Las Vegas community. While his accomplishments in real estate development are unparalleled, it is his charitable contributions to our community that so many will cherish. Thanks to him, everyone in our community who needs hospice service has access to it, regardless of their ability to pay. 

“Since the formation of the Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation in 1984, the Foundation has allowed the Hospice to provide over $20 million in uncompensated care to our community,” said friend and Chairman of the Nathan Adelson Hospice Board of Trustees, Dennis Kennedy. “Of all his achievements, I think Irwin would be most proud that what he started will continue to provide dignity, care, and compassion to thousands of people in the years to come.”

All of the Nathan Adelson Hospice family thanks you, Irwin Molasky. You will be missed and your legacy will live on through us.