Let’s go back twenty years… 1999 was a remarkable year for food and wine 

Foodies discovered the pleasures of Tapas and Thai food. Fusion cuisine was the name given to bold experiments of adventurous chefs. Lunch often brought salads with cranberries, pecans, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Or maybe you opted for the ubiquitous Chinese chicken salad with mandarin oranges. Young people munched on Hot Pockets and Lunchables – not gourmet food, but craved by teens none the less. And thank goodness that so many restaurant menus featured the scrumptious molten chocolate cake. 

For winemakers, 1999 was a study in contrasts

In France, the vintage did not get off to a good start. A ferocious hurricane with winds over 120 miles per hour slammed into Bordeaux. The summer was mild, but a terrible storm in mid-August dumped three inches of rain which was followed by a violent hail storm that devastated numerous vineyards. A tough year for French wines!

In California, the cool spring was followed by a mild summer. So the vintage ripened under perfect conditions for developing varietal flavors. In the fall, Napa Valley only had a trace of rain, leading to extremely clean fruit arriving at the wineries. Fine weather produced fine grapes that resulted in fine wines. 

Luck, gumption, and inspiration combine to launch a new event in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, Laura Coleman – never known to be shy when it comes to a cause she believes in – was looking for a site for a brand new concept; a new, fun and tasty fundraising event. 

Gaudin Motor Company, well known for their “customer first” legacy, opened Jaguar Porsche of Las Vegas featuring some of the city’s most luxurious vehicles. A twist of fate put Laura in front of the Owner of Gaudin Motor Cars. Standing in the shiny new showroom, she realized it would be the perfect setting for her yet-to-be executed event. Gaudin did indeed put their customer first, agreeing to host the first Wine and Food Tasting Extravaganza. The idea quickly became reality. Wine, food, and fun, held in a fascinating venue was the recipe for success. Passionate wine and food lovers came, indulged and returned – year after year.

A wonderful event for a worthy cause

Over the last twenty years, Laura and the Golden Monarch Committee, a group of like-minded philanthropists dedicated to advocating for Nathan Adelson Hospice, have cooked up new ways to make it enjoyable, while keeping true to its roots. It is an event you would want to attend even if it wasn’t for a worthy cause. But the cause is important. 

The funds raised at this event helps children, families, and patients in our community. While end-of-life care is never easy for a family, it is especially difficult when the patient is a child. Nathan Adelson Hospice is committed to providing compassion and comfort to children and their loved ones when they need it the most through its Pediatric Hospice Program. The event also benefits the Families in Need Program which provides immediate resources for necessities such as food, clothing, or utility services. In many cases, hospice patients do not have time to wait for routine assistance; for them, every minute counts. 

The popularity of the Extravaganza continues to grow each year

To accommodate the growing attendance, this year’s event will take place in a new venue — the modern Industrial Event Space at 2330 Industrial Road, Las Vegas. “The Industrial” is earning a reputation as the premier event space adjacent to The Strip in Las Vegas. Whether you are an epicure, gastronome, gourmand or just enjoy savory eats, delicious wines, and good company, we invite you to join us for this year’s special 20th anniversary event.


Event attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Tickets are $125 per person.  Tickets can be purchased by calling 702-938-3910 or online here.